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Equipment video of Printed Circuit board

Equipment video of Printed Circuit board 

CAMTECH PCB has passed the certificates of international quality system as ISO 9001, US & Canada UL certificates, TS 16949 & RoHS compliance.

We also cooperate with world famous PCB manufacturer, perfect our supply chain constantly.

We are capable of providing various PCB services, such as1-30L through-hole board & HDI.

We are pursuing to offer best services and competitive good prices to our customer.

And striving to provide best solution of lead time, quality & after-sales services. We take standard working instruction program, set up a perfect training plan. 

Technical capacity of Printed circuit board

Technical capacity

CAMTECH PCB is an international, professional and reliable PCB supplier located in Shenzhen and Zhuhai city.

They focus on exporting PCBs mainly to European and North American market.

CAMTECH PCB wаѕ established in 2002, has three modernization PCB and FPC factories.

We have more than 3000 workers, the annual output capacity is more than 1500,000 m².

Based on our extended experience and technology , we are able to offer customer one-stop service with small, medium and mass production.

By good quality and delivery assurance, we can meet with all customer’s request.

Our products are widely applied in security, industrial control, communication, medical instrument and automotive electronics etc.  

Wholesale Create a national laboratory of PCB


We have been adhering to the technology innovation after  founded.

We established technology R&D center and the first China National Accreditation Laboratory (CNAS) in PCB field.

We have skilled and experienced R&D team, and have accumulated rich experience in technology innovation, risk control and Industrial standards.

China National Accreditation Service  laboratory,Physics laboratory,Chemical  laboratory

Website: www.camtechcircuits.com

CAMTECH PCB Wholesale Create a national laboratory of PCB withgoodprice-CAMTECH PCB

Final Quality Inspection of PCB Products | CAMTECH PCB

Final Quality Inspection of PCB

Zero defect is our goal during the PCB manufacturing process, all our products for PCB,100% test and inspection, acceptance standard IPC-A-600-H and IPC-6012;100% Double Inspection before outgoing.

Wholesale Immersion Gold of PCB prototype with good price - CAMTECH PCB

Immersion Gold of PCB prototype 

ENIG only is a thick nickel gold alloy of PCB board with excellent electrical properties on the copper surface.

And can protect PCB for a long time and acts as a rust barrier, which can be useful and achieve good electrical performance in the long term use of PCB.

What’s more, it also has environmental tolerance than other surface treatment processes do not.

Nickel plating is because gold and copper diffuse to each other, and the nickel layer can prevent the diffusion between them. Without the nickel layer, gold will spread to the copper within hours.

Another benefit of electroless nickel/impregnation is the strength of nickel, which is only 5um thick to control Z expansion at high temperatures.

Besides, electroless nickel/gold plating can also prevent copper from dissolving, which will be beneficial for lead-free welding.  

E-Testing of PCB prototype Supplier & manufacturers | CAMTECH PCB

E-Testing of Camtech PCB prototype 

The electronic test for PCB circuit boards is performed after manufacturing.

All the PCB must be checked with flying probe test. The layout is analysed according to the PCB file for short circuits and interruptions.

This is important for PCB, because only the E-test detects incorrect and broken conductors. And the detected defective PCB circuit board will be rejected or marked.

It is a common mistake that a once free of errors produced PCB circuit board no longer needs to be tested by the E-test.

However, because each production batch of a circuit board is a one-time process, the E-Test has to be conducted each time.

Website: www.camtechcircuits.com

Exposure of PCB prototype Supplier & manufacturers | CAMTECH PCB

Exposure of PCB prototype 

The purpose of the PCB circuit board exposure, through ultraviolet light irradiation and phenanthrene block for the PCB board.

The transparent place of the film and the dry film undergo optical polymerization reaction.

For the PCB manufacturing, that is, under ultraviolet light irradiation. The photoinitiator absorbs the light energy and decomposes into free radicals.

And the free radicals initiate light again, the polymerized monomer undergoes polymerization and cross-linking reaction,

And forms a macromolecular structure insoluble in dilute alkali solution after the reaction.

Website: www.camtechcircuits.com

Final Quality Inspection of PCB prototype Supplier & manufacturers | CAMTECH PCB

Final quality inspection of PCB prototype 

Zero defect is our goal during the PCB manufacturing process.

All our products for PCB,100% test and inspection, acceptance standard IPC-A-600-H and IPC-6012;100% Double Inspection before outgoing. 

Website: www.camtechcircuits.com

Drilling of PCB prototype Supplier & manufacturers | CAMTECH PCB

Drilling of Camtech PCB prototype

Drilling is to drill the required vias in the copper clad PCB board.

PCB vias are divided into plated holes ( PTH ) and non-plated holes (NPTH) according to whether they are metallized.

According to the process, it is divided into blind holes of the PCB, buried holes and through holes.

Vias mainly provide electrical connections and are used for fixing or positioning devices.  

Website: www.camtechcircuits.com

Wholesale Etching of PCB prototype with good price - CAMTECH PCB

Etching of PCB prototype

The pre-etching treatment is a key process of printed circuit board to ensure good adhesion between the screen printing ink and the metal surface.

Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly remove the oil and oxide film on the metal etching PCB board surface.

Usually referred to as etching is also called photochemical etching, which refers to the removal of the protective film from the area to be etched after exposure to plate making and development of the PCB.

And exposure to chemical solutions during etching to achieve the effect of dissolving and etching, forming bumps or hollowing out.

Website: www.camtechcircuits.com

High Quality Cleaning 1 of PCB prototype Wholesale - CAMTECH PCB

Cleaning 1 of Prnted Circuit board

Before doing PCB surface treatment, all our PCB products will be cleaned to ensure that the copper surface is clean and to ensure high-quality surface treatment.

Website: www.camtechcircuits.com

Wholesale AOI Inspection of PCB prototype with good price - CAMTECH PCB

AOI Inspection of Camtech PCB prototype 

PCB Automated optical inspection (AOI) is an automated visual inspection of Printed Circuit Board manufacturer.

A camera autonomously scans the device under test for both catastrophic failure (such as missing component) and quality defects.

It is commonly used in the Multilayer PCB manufacturing process because it is a non-contact test method.

It guarantees the high reliability of Multi-CB multilayer circuit boards.

Depending on its visual methods, the AOI test can be used to detect a lot of surface defects for the Multilayer PCB, such as opens, shorts, incorrect components, missing components, etc.

Website: www.camtechcircuits.com

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