PCB Manufacturing



FR4, High TG FR4, Rogers PCB, metal based PCB, halogen-free FR4, copper and high-frequency materials

Minimum profile tolerance

+/- 0.1 mm

Number of layer


Minimum finished diameter of PTH hole

+/- 0.1 mm

Finished copper thickness

0.5-5 oz

Maximum board thickness/hole ratio


Finished board thickness


Minimum resistance welding bridge

4mil (Min, SMT Pad Space 8mil)

Minimum line/track width

3 million

Minimum legend (silk screen) track width

5 million

MIN.Drilling Slot Size


Surface treatment

HASL, lead-free HAL, Immersion gold, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, etc

Color of solder mask

Green, black, blue, white, yellow and matte

Other technologies

Golden finger, strippable mask, non cross blind hole, characteristic impedance control, Riged flex Board, etc.

Hardness of solder mask


Legend/screen color

Black, white, yellow, etc.

Winding and twisting

≤ 0.7%



Pre production steps
We use the drawings (Gerber files) you sent us to make production information for your PCB. Our engineers will match your technical requirements with our production capacity.
Inner layer imaging
When we make PCB board, the imaging process defines the circuit routing.   The traditional imaging process requires ultraviolet light and photographic tools to transmit images, while our company uses LDI exposure machine, and only uses highly focused laser beam controlled by computer to directly define the circuit pattern on the board. The circuit is more compact, more efficient, and higher yield.
Inner layer etching
We use an etching process to remove any useless copper residues from the panel. After removal, we also need to remove the dry film, leaving the required copper circuit, which conforms to the PCB design. Etching is the removal of useless chemical and electronic residues.
Inner layer AOI
Using the different reflective effect between the circuit copper surface of the PCB board and the epoxy resin substrate, the image of the PCB board is scanned optically. Compared with the standard version (CAM), the defective positions in the PCB circuit diagram are detected, such as short circuit, open circuit, impurities, notch, multiple copper foils, etc.
We coated the inner board layer with an oxide layer, and then used PP material to stack them together to form insulation between them. In addition, we add copper foil to the upper and lower stacking parts.
PCB drilling
After drilling, we will use it as an electrical point in the multilayer board. Drilling is a mechanical process optimized by PCB manufacturers to obtain inner layer links. At the same time, we have a laser drill that can drill 3-6 mil vias.
Electroless copper plating
First, we deposit some thin copper layers on the boards that we have drilled before. PTH provides the best copper deposit, which is a chemical process, and we strictly control to board enough copper deposit on the non-metallic hole wall. Secondly, the panel is plated with copper to obtain a thicker external copper layer.
Outer layer imaging
Using the characteristics of the dry film, the film is stuck on the board under a certain temperature and pressure, and the dry film reacts to form a circuit pattern through the contraposition exposure.
Graphic electroplating
Through pretreatment, the board surface is cleaned. Copper ions and tin ions are dissolved in the anode of copper plating and tin plating cylinder, and then moved to the cathode under the action of electric field to obtain electrons, forming copper and tin layers.
Outer layer etching
Under the effect of alkali solution, the film is removed to expose the copper surface to be etched, and the copper reacts with copper ions in the etching cylinder to produce cuprous oxide to achieve etching effect. The tin coating is removed in the tin stripping cylinder due to the reaction between nitric acid and the tin surface, exposing the circuit, bonding pad, and copper surface.
Solder mask
The printing solder mask is produced on the board by silk screen or spraying, and the volatilization is removed by pre drying to form a semi cured film. Through contraposition exposure, the solder mask in the illuminated area reacts with each other, and the non illuminated area develops under the action of alkali solution. At high temperature, the solder mask is completely solidified and attached to the board surface.
Surface treatment process
The surface treatment can protect the exposed copper circuit while providing a solderable surface when soldering components to PCB. Generally, metal and organic are two main surface treatment methods. Metal surface treatment includes HASL, ENIG/ENEPIG, silver deposition and tin deposition, while organic surface treatment includes OSP and carbon printing.
Electrical test
All our products will undergo functional testing before shipment to ensure that all printed circuit boards are free of defects and meet your expected quality requirements. We have two different types of test equipment, some of which include flying pins and jigless testers. In addition, we also have the ability to test the general power grid. These machines use special test tools made specifically for your PCB. If you have impedance control requirements, we will also test the impedance value of the circuit board.
Profiling and V-scoring
We make PCB into specific size and shape according to production documents. PCB V-Scoring is the process of cutting "V" shaped groove between TOP and BOTTOM of PCB, leaving a thin layer between "V". After this operation, the PCB boards at V can be easily separated by applying minimum pressure.
Final appearance inspection
In order to ensure that the appearance of the circuit board meets the IPC standard, each board will be carefully inspected by a group of people with keen vision. This process involves visual inspection of the circuit board according to the set standards or with the assistance of a magnifying glass.
Packaging and distribution
We pack your products by vacuum. We cooperate with most international freight companies, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.We have flexible delivery time, and we can arrange the production plan according to the time you require.

  • <p>One stop service for PCB&PCBA<br></p>

    One stop service for PCB&PCBA

    Therefore, all processes are produced by our company, and there is no external process.
    We purchase PCB raw materials of big brands with guaranteed quality.
    We purchase electronic components from electronic component suppliers authorized by the original manufacturer.
    We provide stencile file and assembly services.
  • <p>Product quality and service<br></p>

    Product quality and service

    We provide competitive prices that match the product quality and service
    We offer one of the most competitive prices in PCB manufacturing.
    Our factory has set up a cost control department to strictly manage cost control.
    We provide different price support according to different order quantities, especially for multi-layer boards and mass production.
  • <p>Delivery on time<br></p>

    Delivery on time

    We cooperate with international freight companies, such as DHL, FedEx and UPS, to provide door-to-door services. Usually, transportation takes 4-6 days.
    We have established long-term cooperative relations with major shipping companies, and they provide us with discounts.
    All our packaging is anti-static+moisture-proof+vibration proof packaging and finished product delivery inspection certificate.
  • <p>Quality Assurance<br></p>

    Quality Assurance

    Our products meet IPC, ROHS and REACH standards.
    Customer satisfaction reaches 98%
    We have a standardized and digital factory management process.
    We have advanced automation equipment and excellent quality management system.
  • <p>Excellent service for customers<br></p>

    Excellent service for customers

    We provide excellent service for customers
    We provide quotation within 24h.
    The information you send via email or social media will receive a timely and effective response
    We don't have a minimum order
    We have a 24/7 and experienced service team, which can provide services through social media, telephone and e-mail.
  • <p>Professional technical team<br></p>

    Professional technical team

    Most of our engineers, quality management personnel and production management personnel have more than 15 years of work experience. We are a professional one-stop PCB, PCBA manufacturing and service provider of high-end products.
    We are proud to produce high-quality PCB with high technology, and provide high-quality PCB to customers all over the world.
  • <p>PCB factory scale<br></p>

    PCB factory scale

    The total number of people in our factory is 2500.
    We have two large production bases, which can provide various quantities of production services such as samples, small batches and large batches. The factories are located in Qingyuan and Zhuhai, Guangdong respectively.
    We can deliver more than 10000 products every month. The annual output value of the company reaches 380 million.
  • <p>Our certification<br></p>

    Our certification

    Our system certificates:
    IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO45001, QC080000, ISO50001, UL.  In addition, all our products meet IPC and ROHS standards. We are always committed to manufacturing high-end PCB products.
  • Q
    What PCB services do you provide?
    We provide three main PCB assembly services: PCB manufacturing, PCBA assembly and a full set of turnkey services. As a PCB manufacturer, we provide one-stop solutions during electronic manufacturing services. We meet the PCB manufacturing process industry standards.
  • Q
    Can I get the stack diagram from you?
    Yes, we are willing and ready to share with you some of our standard stack diagrams, as well as a single stack diagram that can meet your specific requirements.
  • Q
    Do you offer any discounts?
    Our two factories provide price support for various orders, and choose one of them for production according to different order quantities, technical requirements, etc. Especially multi-layer PCB and batch production can better reflect our price advantage.
  • Q
    What if I am not satisfied with Camtech PCB?
    If you have any problems with our products or not satisfied with our products or services, you can go to info@camtechcircuits.com Tell us. We promise to reply to you within 24 hours and provide you with satisfactory service. If there is a defect, we will remanufacture your PCB or refund the full amount without returning the defective PCB. You can also choose to record your info@camtechcircuits.com Account and use credit for future orders.
  • Q
    Do you provide circuit board design/electronic design?
    No, we don't design for manufacturing. You can send your circuit design files to us, and our professional engineers can provide professional PCB design suggestions to help you optimize your products.
  • Q
    What should be considered during PCB fabrication?
    First of all, we need to consider PCB materials, such as flexible substrate, ordinary insulating substrate, whether to use high TG materials, and PCB layout/board layout, board sub components, and board edges. Aperture size, line width, line spacing, etc. In addition, for surface treatment, immersion circuit board or OSP, etc. In addition, surface mount packaging, such as BGA or QFN. For more notes on PCB manufacturing, please contact our team. Mail: info@camtechcircuits.com
  • Q
    What is a copper layer?
    As for the number of copper layers, for rigid boards, our company can produce 1-40L copper layers. 4-8L for rigid-flexible layers. For more questions about PCB copper thickness (finished copper thickness), copper trace or excess copper, and unnecessary copper, please contact our technical team, and we are happy to serve you. Mail: info@camtechcircuits.com
  • Q
    Why is PCB green?
    That is the color of the solder mask layer. It protects the copper wire printed on the PCB substrate to prevent short circuit, welding errors, etc. The green protective layer makes the surface of the circuit board present its appearance.
  • Q
    Should I choose board through hole or blind buried hole?
    It depends on your needs. You can tell us your requirements at the drawing design stage of PCB, and we will provide you with our suggestions and finally manufacture according to your drawings.

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