PCB prototyping

Camtach offers Rapid PCB Prototyping and Small-volume Production for Your Research Work 

Camtech prides itself as one of the leading suppliers of PCB prototyping and low-volume production in the world. Our turn time can be as short as 24 hours after your Gerber files being reviewed and approved by our engineers, greatly saving you time in your work.

You may choose other time schedules to fit your budget if your work timeframe is not that tight. We offer 48-hours and 72-hours shipping too.

Being quick in delivery never compromises on the quality. With our stringent test procedures, you can be assured that you will be satisfied with our PCB for your high-tech work. Apart from the quality, we can almost beat every other fabricator on prices, which is critical for your work as you may need tens of hundreds of PCBs to finalize your research and design. If you find any other fabricators who offer lower prices, please kindly let us know and we will beat them!

Try our online instant quote system to let you know how competitive our PCBs are. Start now!  


Below is the latest lead time schedule for the  PCB orders.

PCB Order Quantity (m2)

Original Lead Time (Days)

Current Lead Time (Hours)

0- 50 pcs & < 1m2

2 - 3 Days

24 Hours

1m2 - 5m2

5 - 6 Days

3 - 4 Days

5m2 - 10m2

6 - 7 Days

6 - 7 Days

More than 10m2

8 - 9 Days

5 - 6 Days 


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