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    The company's products fully comply with the US UL international standards; product quality in line with IPC standards; monthly production
    of 70,000 square meters of professional production circuit board manufacturers, products are exported to Japan Europe and the United States.
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    3 high - qualified independet production plants
    Daily output average 60 new type prototype and mass volume
    Monthly production capacity up to 70,000 sqm

About us

CAMTECH PCB is an international, professional and reliable PCB supplier with own production base which located in Shenzhen,Zhuhai China , which focus on exporting PCBs to mainly European and North American market. CAMTECH PCB wаѕ established in 2002,has three modernization factories PCB and FPC in Shenzhen,Zhuhai city ,with more than 800 workers, the annual output capacity is more than 800,000 m².Based on its rich experience and technology understanding, with own production capability and centralized resource locally, we are able to offer you one-stop service with small, medium to mass production with competitive terms, quality and delivery assurance that customized all your request.Our products are widely applied in security & defense, industrial control, communication, medical instrument, automotive electronics etc. CAMTECH PCB has won a high recognition from worldwide clients. Besides, we have a professional and well-experienced technical team to support you value added service of PCBA SMT and BOM sourcing . We can support for small-medium-mass production flexibly with fast response and professional service.

CAMTECH PCB has introduced advanced equipment and strengthen & sound management system. Meanwhile, CAMTECH PCB has passed the certificates of international quality system as ISO9001:2008,ISO/TS16949:2009, ISO14001:2004 , UL(US Canada) & RoHS compliance. We have material inventory complete and worldwide suppliers. We are capable of providing various PCB services, such as 2-30L through-hole board & HDI, high frequency board, backplane, embedded resistance board, semiconductor test products, heavy copper power board, metal base board, flex board & rigid-flex board etc. We are pursuing to offer best services and competitive prices for our clients and striving to provide best solutions of lead time, quality & after-sales services. CAMTECH PCB will be the most competitive innovation company and your reliable PCB business partner.


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  • UL-zpmv2
  • UL-zpmv8


     Layer Count: 1-32 Layers
    Min Line width/Line space: 3 mil/3 mil
    Min mechanical drilling hole size Board thickness≦ 1.2mm  0.15mm  
    Board thickness≦ 2.5mm   0.2mm 
    Board thickness>2.5mm  Aspectratio≦ 15:1
    Aspect ratio  15:1
    Finished Board Thickness Max  10mm
    Min 2L: 0.2mm;  4L: 0.35mm;  6L: 0.55mm;  8L: 0.8mm;      10L: 1.0mm
    Finished copper thickness(inner layer/out layer)   6oz/10oz
    Max panel size  450x1800mm (18"x71")
    PTH wall thickness 0.025mm         
    PTH hole dia. tolerance ±0.075mm        
    Non PTH hole dia. tolerance ±0.05mm    
    Hole position deviation ±0.05mm         
    Outline tolerance ±0.10mm       
    Min S/M Pitch 0.075mm          
    Twist and Bow ≤1.0%
    Test Voltage 50~300v
    Electric strength >1.3KV/mm
    Current breakdown 10A
    Peel strength 1.4N/mm
    Soldermask abrasion >6H
    Thermal stress 288℃  20Sec
    Flammability 94V-0
    Impedance Control +/-5%(Differential)
    Blind/Buried via yes
    Surface Finished  ENIG, ImAg ,ImSn, OSP, Leaded HAL, Lead free HAL(SN100C), Flash Gold,Hard Gold
    Impedance Tolerance ± 10%
    Min dielectric thickness  2mil
    Type of dielectric material FR4, High TG, Halogen Free material, Aluminum basedmatcrial,Copper based material,High frequency material, PTFE material, Heavy copper foil,Paperphenolic plate, BT, PI, Composite material, PTFE+metal based.
    Major Material supplier Shengyi 、 ITEQ、 Isola、Ventec、 KB、Rogers、Taconic、Nelco、Bergquist。

    Special Techniques ‐ Blind & Buried via, via in pad, hard gold and gold fingers, Flash gold, Ni/Pd/Au finish, Edge plating,Castellated holes, press fit holes, Depth control routing, Countersunk holes.

    Quality System and Standards

     Full ISO system  with ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO/TS16949:2009 and UL (US Canada).

      AOI,Hole copper test, Solderability test,XRF test,Metallographic analysis, Impedance control/test

     100% test and inspection, acceptance standard IPC-A-600-H and IPC-6012.

     100% Double Inspection before outgoing.

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